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Jan. 1st, 2010


(no subject)

[20] Australia Icons
> rules:
01. if you use anything credit me
02. comments are appreciated
03. do not hotlink
04. do not claim as your own
05. do not alt

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HERE at my journal

Dec. 23rd, 2009

Australia - Reunite


Free Ophelia of the Spirits MP3

Angela Little aka Ophelia of the Spirits, voice of Australia's By The Boab Tree has a new album out called The Secret Garden, definitely worthy of a purchase if you admire what you've heard of her so far. Check out her site: http://www.opheliaofthespirits.com/.

Be sure to sign up for the mailing list, as our latest treat was a gooogeous free song for a christmas treat...enjoy!


There is a secret page on my site especially for you guys which has a download link for a special live recording of 'Where the Sorrow Dies' with a prelude of Debussy's 'Clair de Lune'. 'Where the Sorrow Dies' has never been released as a song and I wanted to share this live recording with you as a gift for Christmas.

Click on the link to download your present! http://www.opheliaofthespirits.com/?page_id=177&preview=true

EDIT: Apparently you have to sign up for the mailing list before you can DL the song, but it is certainly worth it!

Sep. 3rd, 2009

Macabre III


My Tribute To Nullah.

I'm totally new to making fanvids (this is my second time only), so basically I suck at it. But I was so obsessed with the idea of making a Nullah-centered clip with Deep Forest's "Sweet Lullaby" in the background; well, that's what I did tonight, thanks to insomnia.

It would probably be better if my comp didn't die every half an hour, and every teeny-tiny operation didn't take ten minutes. Srsly, I read half a book in all the pauses I was forced to make. Still, I decided to post this vid here. Just because what if someone reeeally nice comes and says it's not so bad, so I will have faith in myself and make something worthwhile in a vague far-away future =))

*Ok, Es, stop talking now*

Clip under cut >>>Collapse )

Jul. 20th, 2009

my disney princess


135 Baz Luhrmann movie icons

99 Australia
19 Moulin Rouge
17 Romeo and Juliet


( go here for more )

Jun. 22nd, 2009




After buying the DVD of Australia at the beginning of May (I never got to see it in any theater before, to my biggest regret), I utterly fell in love with it. I thoroughly enjoyed Luhrman's many salutes to the good classical movies of old, Miss Kidman's solid performance, Nullah's great acting and... Hugh Jackman, of course. *grins*

I have been writing fanfiction for six years now, in various fandoms (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Narnia and Star Trek 11), but I honestly never intended to write Australia-fic. Only that the movie kept me from concentrating on writing anything coherent for weeks, and so I decided last week to give in. And for I have seen fanfiction posted here, you may give it a try, if you want. *smiles*

Captain Emmet Dutton vividly remembers the day he first discovered Lady Ashley through a spy-glass... this is her story, told from the POV of the British officer who never forgot Sarah for the rest of his life (Rated PG-13).


Jun. 21st, 2009

Australia - Sexy Water Drover



via australiamovie.net

Full Length AUSTRALIA Soundtrack - Out NOW on ITunes!

After months of waiting, constant emails and even a petition circulating at one stage, fans of the epic film Australia finally have their full length soundtrack! If you have previously purchased the EP version this soundtrack builds upon it with pieces of stunning score by musician David Hirschfelder. The album features 19 tracks, a beautiful digital book of artwork and is currently available exclusively on iTunes.

    Welcome to Australia (Overture)
    The Drover's Ballad
    All Night Long
    You Ride Your Way, I'll Ride Mine
    No Man Hires Me, No Man Fires Me
    Cantero de Ti
    The Rush
    First Kiss
    Over the Rainbow
    Faraway Downs
    Whoa Babe
    Life Begins Again
    I Will Come For You
    Fire From the Sky
    King George Calls
    Nimrod (From the Enigma Variations)
    By The Boab Tree
    Waltzing Matilda

Jun. 17th, 2009

AUS/HF // Nic&Hugh - Huggles


Nic, Hugh and Australia nominated for Teen Choice Awards

Nicole, Hugh and Australia have all been nominated for Teen Choice Awards for Choice Movie Actress: Drama, Choice Movie Actor: Drama and Choice Movie: Romance, respectively. Not that they have a real chance of winning since they're up against Twatlight Twilight, but it's nice to see them nominated all the same. =)

Go here to register + vote, if you're so inclined!

The Teen Choice Awards air Monday, Aug. 10 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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