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Macabre III

esselta in australiamovie

My Tribute To Nullah.

I'm totally new to making fanvids (this is my second time only), so basically I suck at it. But I was so obsessed with the idea of making a Nullah-centered clip with Deep Forest's "Sweet Lullaby" in the background; well, that's what I did tonight, thanks to insomnia.

It would probably be better if my comp didn't die every half an hour, and every teeny-tiny operation didn't take ten minutes. Srsly, I read half a book in all the pauses I was forced to make. Still, I decided to post this vid here. Just because what if someone reeeally nice comes and says it's not so bad, so I will have faith in myself and make something worthwhile in a vague far-away future =))

*Ok, Es, stop talking now*



I'm impressed. Wonderfully done!
lovely, mdear