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Australia - Sexy Water Drover

rougevelvet in australiamovie


via australiamovie.net

Full Length AUSTRALIA Soundtrack - Out NOW on ITunes!

After months of waiting, constant emails and even a petition circulating at one stage, fans of the epic film Australia finally have their full length soundtrack! If you have previously purchased the EP version this soundtrack builds upon it with pieces of stunning score by musician David Hirschfelder. The album features 19 tracks, a beautiful digital book of artwork and is currently available exclusively on iTunes.

    Welcome to Australia (Overture)
    The Drover's Ballad
    All Night Long
    You Ride Your Way, I'll Ride Mine
    No Man Hires Me, No Man Fires Me
    Cantero de Ti
    The Rush
    First Kiss
    Over the Rainbow
    Faraway Downs
    Whoa Babe
    Life Begins Again
    I Will Come For You
    Fire From the Sky
    King George Calls
    Nimrod (From the Enigma Variations)
    By The Boab Tree
    Waltzing Matilda


Wow! So the united efforts of many fans finally showed some result, yes? (And now I finally know what my Hubby may give me for our 18th wedding anniversary...)
YAY ! ♥
>< iTunes doesn't work for me. Hm. I'm hunting for it elsewhere then, in the mean time. xD

You know, the instrumental themes make me think of the instrumental reprise of "Your Song" from MR when Toulouse is trying to console Christian for the last time in his bedroom. That sweet, moving melody that rises and falls.
Wooo! Awesome :) I'll have to download this ASAP. YAAAY FANDOM MERCH!! Thanks for keeping us updated, lovely!
Does anybody know if it will be released in actual stores?
This release is exclusive to iTunes.

But if it gets enough support/purchases online, who knows.