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lame_pegasus in australiamovie


After buying the DVD of Australia at the beginning of May (I never got to see it in any theater before, to my biggest regret), I utterly fell in love with it. I thoroughly enjoyed Luhrman's many salutes to the good classical movies of old, Miss Kidman's solid performance, Nullah's great acting and... Hugh Jackman, of course. *grins*

I have been writing fanfiction for six years now, in various fandoms (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Narnia and Star Trek 11), but I honestly never intended to write Australia-fic. Only that the movie kept me from concentrating on writing anything coherent for weeks, and so I decided last week to give in. And for I have seen fanfiction posted here, you may give it a try, if you want. *smiles*

Captain Emmet Dutton vividly remembers the day he first discovered Lady Ashley through a spy-glass... this is her story, told from the POV of the British officer who never forgot Sarah for the rest of his life (Rated PG-13).